Bristol boss Johnson unhappy with Harry Redknapp


Bristol City boss Lee Johnson has expressed his feelings towards the press regarding Harry Redknapp.

According to reports and the gaffer himself, Blues are interested in Bristol’s Aden Flint.

However, Johnson is unhappy with the way Redknapp spoke publicly about his defender, even though no formal bids have been made from either Blues or Leeds.

Here’s what he told the Geoff Twentyman’s BBC Radio show:

“The situation is that he’s a Bristol City player, he has three years left on his contract and we have had no bids. It’s as simple as that.”

“There’s always been interest and the difficult thing with the Championship nowadays is that there is some huge money about.

“With Harry [Redknapp] coming out publicly talking about one of our players – which I didn’t particularly like – and I will have to politely remind Harry that Bristol City players are not to be talked about by other managers as I would respect Birmingham City’s players.

“What we don’t want is players heads being turned if there is not genuine interest. If there is, then whoever the club is will have to pay to get them out.”

It seems Redknapp is upsetting a few people in this transfer window and maybe that’s why he’s finding it hard to bring anyone in at this stage, who knows?

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What we do know is he’s not afraid to go out his way to talk to targets, as we saw with Emmanuel Badu last week at Huddersfield’s ground.

What do you think, is Harry being too forward with his targets and maybe he should keep them under wraps? Comment below your thoughts!


  1. I believe anybody can talk about anyone unless we’re living in a police state. Gary Johnson is an idiot. This is the ENTERTAINMENT business

  2. Getting embarrassing now ,can only imagine what he told Stockdale to get him here must have said we going to sign all these top players bet he wished he’d have stopped at Brighton ,looking at other teams signings and players they already had without these 5 or 6 players who I think won’t come now ,we will do well to finish 19th again ,we can’t score enough goals to even compete midtable,and finally he said Saturday we should have someone in Monday well we’re is he ???????

  3. Harry is harry he does things his way he needs to come out and tsar if the board will not give him money to shut the crap coming from some blues fans


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