Blues continue with transfers despite looming embargo


News broke yesterday that Blues have been placed under a transfer embargo by the EFL after not complying with FFP (Financial Fair Play).

This was largely due to Harry Redknapp’s spending spree last summer and the owners not fixing the problem while they were under a ‘soft embargo’.

In conjunction, it was reported new signing Kristian Pedersen has not been allowed to register with the club, despite his name appearing on the official club website.

With no official word from the club or any major news outlets (only a piece from Dan Ivery yesterday that many were and still are questioning) and a short column in the Mirror Football, Pedersen has been left in limbo while he trains with the first team in Austria.

However, in line with this news, it has come to light Blues have had a bid of £2.75million rejected from Ipswich Town for their stopper Bartosz Bialkowski, according to BirminghamLive.

Blues also tweeted a video from the training camp with a questionable caption ‘business as usual’, which sparked a whole host of replies that shouldn’t be repeated here.

With this ever-growing speculation around bids, it seems CEO Dong Ren is still writing out his checkbook to help bolster Monk’s ranks ahead of the new season.

Whether or not he’s ignoring the rules given by the EFL or if Blues are in fact inside FFP regulations by having expected departures in the coming weeks, thus allowing the bid and potential arrival of Polish International Bialkowski, remains to be seen.

The question is why would the owners put bids through for players if they are not able to play in the first team? Another question would be why aren’t BBC and Sky Sports picking this major news up if it’s true?

This is all sure to come out in the wash sooner or later, however what we do know is Pedersen is still in Austria and bids are still being made. Only time will tell, but as Blues fans, we all know by now this is part and parcel at St Andrews. At least football’s coming home, eh?

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  1. Too much to ask that our media dept release a statement saying true or false? Treating fans like shite again….. Has tats not got a voice anymore?

    • It’s not in their best interests to publicise the fact that 12 clubs in the championship not just Birmingham City under the constraint of transfer embargoes. This would be damaging and they would find it very hard to get the price they want for players they have transfer listed and also much harder deals four players they want. This only came about because Daniel big mouth shout it from the rooftops. The other 12 clubs don’t have it Daniel so I’ve been able to keep it quiet he has a lot to answer for.


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