Blues’ boardroom fall-out


It seems like things are going from bad to worse behind closed doors at Blues…

An article published in the Mirror today, writes there has been a ‘bust-up’ at the top. It says Blues CEO Xuandong Ren has fallen out with transfer consultant Darren Dein.

Although the contracts of Kieftenbeld and Grounds have been renewed, Blues are yet to make a transfer in this window, despite making 14 in the last one.

Dein, who is on £25,000 a month to run the club’s transfers has stopped coming to games, according to the report.

Ren has also been in the firing line due to the allegations of his crisis-hit football academy in China (below).

The row has even deterred Ren from attending a board meeting, as he was nowhere to be seen after the 3-0 defeat to Derby on Saturday.

Is this the type of person we want running our affairs at the moment, considering our position in the league?

Only time will tell if this was just a one off argument, or if it’s more serious than that…

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  1. Ren is the CEO so he should get rid of Dein. He hasn’t brought anyone in to the club in this window , which has been open almost 3 weeks. We desperately need a midfielder, who can take control and surely the manager must know what he needs and wants, so he must have instructed Dein on his requirements by now.
    The club appears to be stuck in first gear, heading for the first division. There must be someone at the club who realises the predicament we are in ! Or is there !!!!

  2. Not a hope in hell of blues doing anything or surviving this season. Dein and Vetere are both a waste of space !!
    They have done sod all for us except take huge salary’s which should never been offerred.
    The club is rotten to the core with rubbish individuals at the top, so bring on Div 1 and lower !!


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