What can Blues fans expect in the upcoming season?


Part of the joy of the beautiful game is that you never can tell what is going to happen from one day to the next. No matter the performance we saw in the last season, things can always get changed around pretty fast. This is good to remember, especially when it looks as though all might be lost. As for the Blues, what can we expect to see from them in the coming season? Some of the analysis and answers just might surprise you. As we said, you never do quite know what will happen, but there are certain things we can probably bank on. Let’s have a look at what those might be.

Any die-hard Blues fans will know that they just recently signed up Luton Town player Isaac Vassell. The striker has been pulled in on a four-year deal which could see a dramatic change of fate and fortune for Birmingham City very soon indeed. He’s been given the number 11 shirt and will be making his debut on the 15th of August. This is great news for the team, who have been somewhat desperately searching for a striker, and even placed five bids before finally landing the deal with Vassell. But the best part of this news for Blues fans is that the striker is likely to bring a whole new attitude to the club as he enters. With a go-get-it attitude which is bound to make a huge difference, and plenty of raw talent to develop at the same time, we can expect to see great things from this new player.


Mixed Emotions Over Bristol City Win

While the victory over Bristol City was no doubt a great thing for Birmingham City, there was one sacrifice in the shape of Che Adams. Manager Harry Redknapp has confirmed that the striker might well be out of action for a number of weeks. This follows a pretty severe hamstring injury during the Bristol City match, which many have said could have easily been avoided. But any avid readers of any football blog out there will know that without Adams at the front, the victory over Bristol City was probably much less likely. Either way, this is not the best position to be in going forward into the season.

Match Day Officials Chosen

In terms of the upcoming match between Birmingham City and Bolton Wanderers, there is one aspect which has been cleared up at last. The officials for the match have now been chosen, and the choice has seemed to divide Blues fans pretty much down the middle. Darren England will be referee, with Billy Smallwood and Mark Russell assisting. The choices are dividing Blues fans due to the apparent lack of experience on the part of England – only two official matches, during which he displayed a total of eight yellows and one red. But however you look at it, you have to admit it looks like an interesting season for the Blues going forward.


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