Rows in the dressing room, bust ups on the pitch. What is going on?!


It ended one a piece at the New York City stadium today and the Blues fans left very frustratedly after watching the 1-0 lead slip away.

However, it looks like things are also turning nasty on the pitch and in the dressing room. Rumours of rows from the away dressing rooms, that could be heard from the press box and evidence of a bust-up between the players during what looks like the warm down!

I don’t know what is going on behind closed doors, but having a fight on someone else’s pitch with photographers and staff still around is beyond embarrassing.

Yes, the fans were calling for Zola Out today but they have always stuck by the TEAM. The dressing room is obviously sour at the moment, but this is too far…

Here’s what Zola had to say about it:

“This is normal,” he said. “We don’t enjoy the position where we are. There was a little bit of frustration.

“Things like this happen everywhere even with teams that are in a better position than where we are.”

“Don’t worry, it’s not a problem. Sometimes it’s good to come out strong and have a strong discussion and strong opinions, sometimes it can be very good.”

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  1. Zola has lost the dressing room and has no idea what he’s doing. It’ll be worse when we get beaten by home by Burton before losing at Villa.

    We’re in big trouble and with Blackburn, Burton and Forest having winnable games we’re going down – and we don’t even have the magical duo of Lee Clark and Paul Caddis to save us this time around!

  2. Why TTA have not sacked a manager with his record is totally beyond me. They will be owning a league one club if we don’t beat Burton (not sure where another point will come from in our form) and to be honest its what they deserve in what can only be described as the worst managerial decision in the history of club ownership.

  3. Past a joke now ,worst than Clark days and with 12 points still to play for we are DOWN ,we might scrape a draw Monday but will lose the other 3 and with our goal difference ,we’ve had it ,oh and thank God the Villa game isn’t on sky

  4. Could it be that some players think that other players are not taking the relegation threat seriously enough …Could it be that Rowetts lingering love for the club is destroying it , via his many desciples ,or is it because blues have been letting in goals all season in the corner posts for lack of players covering those areas , and still it goes on ….Something has to snap ,especially if you are not a Rowett lover and can see quality in Zola,s work… Get real get 3 points …Rowett was good but wasn’t the Messiah as the 4-0 thrashing proved yesterday …Are you blues supporters or not …Get behind the club if you are , the club doesn’t need two faced supporters at this time …COME ON…

  5. Of course its normal for Zola, that’s why he’s been sacked from three of the four clubs he’s managed at.
    He’s brought chaos to every club he’s managed. Obviously, TTA do not have anyone who understands a Football managers CV. When we are relegated, they are going to incur a substantial loss on their outlay. They are obviously not very bright, when you consider they spent almost two years investigating BCFC. Its a circus, they are the ringmasters and Zola the clown.

  6. It’s a pity they don’t show some fight during a game.
    It’s a must win at all costs on Monday.
    Can’t wait for this disastrous season to finish and start again to rebuild. We’ve gone back 5 years.

  7. It might not seem a problem to our deluded manager, but if players are near to blows then, by any standards that is a problem. For Zola to say that he won’t walk away from his responsibilities is cowardice or waiting for the big pay-off. His responsibilities should have ended 2 months ago, either by the sack or the more honourable way by resigning.

  8. we are now a joke playing Rotherham and we set up for a draw and lucky to get away with one point if we would have gone for it they would have buckled. the only good thing to come out of it is the players fighting with each other it shows some of them care. if Burton beat us then I cant see us staying up but if a miracle happens and we win I think we will stay up. fingers crossed

  9. It’s an absolute farse! TTA are willing to sack a manager who had cohesion in the players and just a few points off the play offs for a manager with an extremely poor back ground with players of a higher calibre. ( no disrepect to ours). With the likes of Nigel Pearson out there a manager who, let’s face it, built a mid table side that eventually won the premier league. Thats not saying Rowett would have got us in the play offs but im pretty sure we wouldn’t be in this position even if he decided he would be leaving in the summer. Im more concerned that, by default, we win the Burton game and stay up and that clown is still in charge. Pride comes before a fall and I’m sorry TTA you made a big mistake and it’s time to man up and admit it before its too late!!!

  10. Every member of the blues squad needs to have a hard look in the mirror yes Zola is a complete twat but he picks the players he thinks can do the job yet he still plays this awful diamond shape go back to 4 4 2 and back to basics maybe just maybe we will come good

  11. It’s beyond a joke only Blues would end up with an owner that is obviously good with money but knows nothing about football or picking a manager .

    Mr Zola is the worst manager I have ever seen at our club if he cannot field a side to beat the worst team in the league after this many games then I fear that unless we sack him now then how are we going to win against 4 much better sides

    It’s absolutely stupid and if by some mirical this idiot is still our manager next season my 4 season tickets will not be renewed. I love my team but cannot watch them with this bloke
    Please grow a pair and kick him all the way to the airport Pleeeeeeeeeeeese now,if the owners can’t do it employ me and I will no problem and I would do it for free

  12. Central defenders didn’t even try to stop the equaliser watched it pass between them , left for the Keeper to sort especially Shooton


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