Rowett’s Return


Rowett’s Return

This weekend will see Rowett return to Stans for the first time since his unexpected sacking, he will be bringing another former club with him in the form of Derby. Many fans are still struggling to come to terms with the entire situation despite Zola being in charge since December, I understand why.

This weekend will be the first comparison of Zola and Rowett that can essentially be substantiated. Without being too controversial, Rowett left at the right time, we’d had a relatively poor run and he was sacked on the back of a win (I say relatively, I mean for Rowett not the chaos that happened after) then the tough fixtures landed for Zola and he did poorer than we expected Rowett to, so Rowett remained “god”.

The Birmingham Mail has run a poll to see how many people will cheer, boo or be indifferent to Rowett but to me this sort of thing is pointless. Personally I feel Rowett deserves a warm reception but to do so as a dig to Zola isn’t on. Fans that want to support Rowett, do so, fans that want to slate Zola because of Rowett would be better suited to supporting the scum from B6. Zola is a poor manager but he didn’t approach TTA and tell them he could do better than the “Bromsgrove Special One” he was offered a job that he took.

Tomorrow will be a tough game, I called a draw against Brighton which didn’t materialise but for Derby I think that a draw is expectable in all honesty. I know they’re pushing for playoffs but a patchy run essentially says to me they’re a team that we can have hope against, yeah I thought we’d beat Ipswich and we didn’t but I do think that we can get a minimum of a point from all our remaining games and so this is my hope.

Whatever happens on the pitch at the weekend, I do think the off the pitch comparisons will be the talking points. Let’s not give Zola stick because our pal is home though, let’s be indifferent to the managers but support someone who was unduly sacked and someone that isn’t as capable by no issue of their own. I’m going for a bit of excitement and calling 2-2, as long as it’s not another hammering that’s all that matters at the moment.


  1. It’s funny I never heard much about Hughton the other day ..who did better be honest I believe that we were forcing 110percent under GR which is why we faded at the end .. we need to make the other teams give 110 percent with better quality passing making them work harder so that blues benefit in the length of the season ….with the opposition fading …


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