Rotherham: Down but Dangerous?


Blues head to the New York Stadium to face relegated Rotherham today. With nothing really to play for one would assume this should be an easy three points, with ten straight defeats you would think they were there for the taking but this is Blues after all.

How many times have we come away from games defeated by teams we really should have beat? It seems Blues don’t enjoy making it easy for themselves and with Wigan’s win last night putting even more pressure on us as the bottom three look to close the gap it is imperative we do what we must with this game.

Blues will need to ensure we don’t make the same mistake we have been and run out of steam, I’m optimistic we don’t need to worry about an early goal. I know that Zola wants to play the fancy football and stick to his ethos, but for this one we need to grind out a result. Survival is the most important thing now, it doesn’t matter how we feel about Zola all that matters is we maintain our position in the Championship.

There are 5 games remaining and with the Vile still to come we don’t want to be in a position where their game is of any importance to our survival. That does mean we need to beat Rotherham and Burton. I think these two wins should see us safe and we will have hit the usual magic 50.

Unfortunately there is fresh injury concern for Clayton Donaldson who has played all of about 30 minutes under Zola. He’s taken a knock in training and I’ve said previously that I personally think we’re missing him, we have so many chances but no one seems to be able to seal the deal, this was something The Don was able to do.

As much as fear is in the back of my mind with this one I’m going for 2-0 Blues. I’m feeling optimistic, Rotherham don’t have anything to play for but this could be a blessing for them. They don’t need anything from this one; win, lose or draw the outcome is the same for them all the pressure is on Blues and I hope that it doesn’t get to the players. That said Rotherham are dire, if we lose to them I’d just say the team may as well hang up their boots and look for other employment.


  1. Rotherham are dire, when was the last time you watched them,obviously the position they are in would indicate that, but the last three home games ive seen ,they matched Brighton,Fulham and Huddersfield,for a large portion of game, and come fulltime I think the P45 ,s might be doing the rounds -hope so.


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