Paul Caddis – “We have the players to do well”


Paul Caddis looks forward to the coming season while at pre-season duties at their training camp in sunny Marbella.

Temperatures reached 100 degrees Fahrenheit on Wednesday afternoon and the six-day trip has been anything but a holiday camp.

Despite being put under pressure in the heat, enduring two sessions a day, Caddis is confident him and the team can do well:

“It’s very tough. In the heat. If you do a lot of these sessions they are tough anyway, but the heat makes a big bearing. 
“Especially for a little Scotsman, it’s not something I am used to – usually it rains 11 months of the year where I’m from! 
“But it has been enjoyable as well as it’s a chance for us to all get away together as a team. Albeit there is only three or four new lads, but it’s something good for them. 
“It’s good for the manager, too. It’s the first pre-season here for him and he can see what kind of level we are at.” 


New Head Of Sports Science Dave Carolan has been keeping a watchful eye on the lads.

“The manager’s is good. There is a very good balance here, with the fitness coaches, the management team. 

“It’s organised, structured. They analyse what to do the following day if maybe the distance covered isn’t as high as what they’ve hoped for; the next session will be based on that, it might be based on sprints, for example. Whatever is needed. 

“There is a lot of hard work that goes on behind the scenes. And it’s all in place for us to go and do it on the pitch.” 

As for the pressure the Scotsman believes Blues can handle it under Rowett.

“You have just got to deal with that, extra pressure.  You are a footballer. 
“There is that added expectation because of how well we finished. 
“Who knows what could have been if last season had gone on six or seven weeks longer. 
“But that’s finished. Just like the year before that when we scraped past. 
“It is all about what we do this year and all the signs are there that we have the players to do well.” 

“Compared to last year – and I’m not digging people out – it’s seems a little more enjoyable. There’s a bit more enjoyment about the place, there’s a buzz and the fans are back onside, coming out in their numbers. 

Hopefully this week has helped the players significantly and we can look forward to the pre season games. Are you going to any?


  1. We do have the players to do well , but to say that we are strong enough to get promotion is another thing , we need a lot more goals ,and assist makers , we don’t need players settling down to a life in the championship ,

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