New season, hopes and aspirations


With a new season right around the corner, Birmingham City can begin their campaign for the hunt for promotion and back where they belong.

This upcoming season is quite possibly the most exciting and highly anticipated one yet. The new comers of Newcastle and Rafa Benitez, a Norwich City looking to bounce back and of course our hated neighbours from Aston, finally and deservedly relegated after having one of the worst Premier League campaigns in history. There is also the team’s that ended strong but came up short in the play-offs. Sheffield Wednesday, who reached the final but lost in heart breaking fashion to Hull will be eager to get back playing. Derby County, who made a brilliant managerial signing of Nigel Pearson who knows the league well, has had success in it and will be back with a strong team. Another team I think will do well is Leeds United. With probably one of the worst owners in the league with non stop sackings, I think they really struck gold in getting the young Gary Monk who before was at Swansea. Monk has a great mind for the game and eye for players so I wouldn’t be surprised to see Leeds up in the top half of the championship.

These additions on top of the already difficult league will be a daunting task. Last season, everything looked great until we hit the final two months and became a completely different team and consistency and goal scoring had disappeared. I’m afraid at the moment I can only see blues finishing again, in the top half but no higher than the eighth spot. Blues still need to bring in at least three more players to have a chance to push for that sixth spot. Nevertheless, we luckily aren’t going through vast changes within the team and we could have a chance if we stay consistent and find the back of the net.

What are your hopes going into the new season?


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