Former Birmingham players have their say on Rowett’s departure


Not only has today’s news of Rowett’s sacking been a shock to the system for Blues fans, but for former players too.

Many fans have been left bemused and are wondering if this is the move to make the club bigger. A chance to attract better players maybe? Or to bring a different brand of football to Blues?

Here’s what former players had to say:

Some more tweets…

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  1. I’m furious. This is the worst decision by BCFC for a long time. The new owners (via PP) ask us to trust them. How can you trust those you don’t know? Are we in for more arrogant secretive silence like that of Pannu? Instead of a young up and coming English manager we’re going for a foreigner who has little success as a manager who most likely will bring in foreign players who care or no nothing about the club, the fans, the city or the country! I’m furious!!

  2. I think I have witnessed the most stupid footballing decision so far in the history of “stupidest decisions ever made….. so far…” My club have sunk to a new Low… Gutted… Confused… Disappointed… Thank you Gary Rowett, you were a God Send, a Saviour in times of hellish trouble.. and you steadied a very wobbly ship, and moved us forward in a slow steady footed manner.. Why would anyone want to get rid of such a good young promising English manager… oh yes.. for the prospect of reaching the greedy league… but hold on….. we’re in and around the play offs…. better position than villa who have spent God knows how many millions…. so we must be replacing him with a sound solid manager who has succeeded in getting teams promoted to the premier league, and has succeeded at premier league level….. That’s him….. Zola…????!!!!!! Seriously… Thank you Gary, from an embarrassed Blues Fan…


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