Business as usual for Rowett


Gary Rowett has expressed his thoughts about the transfer window that has been and gone and says he will ‘do business when it’s right to’.

Unlike most clubs Blues had a very quiet deadline day, with only two players outgoing. Those were Wes Thomas and Nick Townsend who have moved to Swindon Town and Barnsley respectively.

Apart from that the Blues boss hasn’t brought in any new faces into the side since the arrival of Danish striker Brock-Madsen. Blues fans will be hoping at least another striker and defender are signed up in the upcoming loan window. What is important for Blues is they must be quality rather than just being an extra face in the side.

Here’s what the gaffer said in an interview today:

“It’s quite interesting because I did it in my first ever transfer window I had,” the Blues boss reveals. 

“I had been manager for Burton Albion not that long. “The first transfer window came and I felt as though I had to bring someone in. 

“It was ‘who are we going to bring in?’, ‘how many players are we going to bring in?’. I felt as though I had to do something. 

“I went out and panicked, almost, and brought in a player who I hadn’t seen but had been recommended by other people. 

“Within 10 minutes of the first training session I realised he wasn’t as good as the lad I was dropping him for. 

“The lad I was dropping him for was an excellent character and a really good pro. 

“And that’s the situation now. If you can find a player who can make our team massively better, who is within our structure . . .  of course we can all name 30 players we would love to sign and, don’t get me wrong, those are the players we have been making contact with clubs about. 

“But there is so much money around the Championship at the moment and I think it has become ridiculous whereby potentially a club can pay a £1 million loan fee to get a player in for a season. 

“Anyone was has got any idea of where we are as a Club at the moment will realise that’s not sensible for us to try and do. 

“So, therefore, we will do our business when it’s right to do our business. 

“We are sitting seventh in the table, with one game less than everyone played. What we have done so far is fairly good. 

“We know who we want, we think those players will become available and – like we did last season – we will get the right players at the right time. 

“They will come in and have a chance of playing rather than it being a case of just adding another player into the squad.” 

It was rumoured that Blues missed out on Celtic striker Anthony Stokes which would have pleased many fans and made them less worried about the current situation of having only 2 senior strikers.

Let’s hope we see the loan market deliver. There was mixed thoughts about the likes of Dan Burn in the defensive department under Lee Clark but as for the strike force, Macheda was definitely not a miss.

What do you think, can Blues get any real quality loanees this time round?


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