A petition to keep the KOP corner open


As you may know the KOP corner next to the away fans has only been open for season ticket holders only for some time. However, sources close to the club have told us extra security and police will be installed to ensure no fans at all go in that part of the ground. This means that the group of supporters sitting there trying to make an atmosphere every game will be ejected and be forced to sit somewhere else. Many Blues fans will agree that this part of the ground is never hostile, only if the lads from B6 turn up…

Banter with away fans never hurt anyone and after all we are separated from one stand. Just look at the Derby game for example, Blues fans were held in a tight corner for that game next to the home fans and there was no trouble at all. The club and police don’t want extra things to deal with, but by moving the fans from there, the ground will look and sound even more like a library.

I myself have been to away games and one I remember well is Coventry away in the Cup. Albeit we lost 2-1 but the banter between the away end and the corner of the home fans at the Ricoh was second to none and you guessed it, there was no trouble.

KOP corner

The last sold out game was against West Brom, was there any trouble then? What about the club allowing us to move a singing group ‘Forza Blues’ into the GM which was even closer to the away fans? What about the stewards doing nothing about the Sheffield Wednesday fans breaking seats and getting in the way of the Blues fan’s boxes, which are supposed to be VIP by the way?

Other clubs can cope with away fans, why can’t we? This is not a rant, although it may sound like one, it is merely a call to Blues fans and to get word out of this petition. The group of fans have sat there for sometime, how would you feel if you had to give up your seat? So wherever you sit at St Andrews sign the following petition to keep the KOP corner open for Blues fans!



  1. The thin blue line is getting thinner and thinner and it is making them play safer for health and safety reasons , it should be open to women only to keep control of home and away fans alike , he he ,it does make the middle of the ground look fuller for the cameras mind you . blues could do more cheap school deals ,to capture the future young blues fans , some profit is also better than none , bums on seats blues ,bums on seats…keep right on

  2. I started in this area sitting with my sons 11 & 17,this season after years in the Main stand . There is good natured funny banter and no problems. My lads prefer it to any where else in the ground.

  3. It used to be the Family area back in the nineties and there was little trouble though we were in the 2nd tier then too, but we had many ‘rough’ away fans visiting like Millwall, Wolves, Sheffield, WBA etc.
    It seems Blues want a dead atmosphere by continually meddling with stand changes, with firstly closing the Gil Merrick Upper and now this.
    Why do they allow Blues fans in the Gil Merrick Lower?
    Surely they should be moved too?
    It will be one more reason to avoid sterile morgue like atmosphere home games and go to away games instead.
    There’s more atmosphere at the ice hockey or Edgbaston than St Andrews, their killing it not encouraging it.
    Is the club being run by the PC correct brainwashing BBC trying to turn football into a trip to the Hippodrome?


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